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  • Transactions Posting Module

  • Statement of Account

  • Purchase Order

  • Accounts Master-list Module

  • Forms and Reports Module

  • System Utility Module

  • Accounting Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • IRS Representation
  • Entity Selection
  • Payroll Services
  • Estate Tax Preparation

Transaction Posting Module

Module that manages all functions relating to posting of transactions (i.e. payments of fees, statement of accounts) and its corresponding accounting entries.

Transactions Posting

Manages and maintains new and historical transaction and its corresponding accounting entries on the system.


Available Reports:

  • Historical Transactions
  • Accounting Entries
  • Transactions Record Form
  • Check Voucher Form
  • Check Printing
  • Journal Voucher Form
  • Official Receipt
  • Statement of Account (Basic and Detailed)

Transaction Templates

Manages and maintains templates that can be used during posting of transactions. Created transactions template can be selected during the posting of transactions in “Transactions Posting” module. The accounting entries on the template will automatically be inserted (no need to input each entry one-by-one) to expedite posting of regular transactions which the office is accepting.

 Available Reports:

  • Transaction Templates Report
  • Transaction Templates Accounting Entries Report

Statement of Account

Manages and maintains new and historical records of Statement of Accounts for all homeowners in the association. The regular Statement of Accounts managed on this module can also allow its users to print individual or batch SOA forms, apply discounts, penalty, or interest rates. The module can also allow its user to maintain rates (i.e. Lot Rate, Floor Rate, Grass Cut Rate) for all types of properties (i.e. Residential, Commercial, Vacant Lot, etc).

Available Reports:

  • Statement of Accounts Report
  • Statement of Account Form (Basic and Detailed)
  • Summary of Annual Assessment Dues

Purchase Order

Manages and maintains all purchase order requests and it’s status (Pending, Delivered, Cancelled).

Available Reports:

  • Purchase Order List
  • Purchase Order Memo
  • Received Order List
  • Received Order Memo
  • Cancelled Order List

Accounts Masterlist Module

Module that manages and maintains the chart of accounts of the association (General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger), Payors/Payees, and Bank Accounts. This module also allows the user to perform uploading of batch transactions and customized records thru a filled up preformatted excel file


GL/SL/Payor/Payee/Bank Accounts

  • GL Account
  • SL Account
  • Payor/Payee
  • Bank Accounts

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